Introducing Whitney…

Little Whitney was fast asleep in the warm morning sun the day we met. She didn’t open her pretty eyes till later in the session but yet she kept giving smiles. I love those newborn smiles. They are so precious.
Whitney joins her two big brothers, Jess and Shiloh. Jamie and Jeffery have done a fine job with the boys and while it’ll be something to get used to having another girl in the house, I’m positive they will do just fine.
Whitney let us all know how she felt about things, but she kept those eyes tightly shut.
Seeing this image of the boys makes me realize just how big they are getting to be. Shiloh was just a wee boy when we first started doing photos together. They are two fine young men.
I adore the tender moments of a parent an their newborn. If only they could stay this small longer.
We laughed as Jamie put on the tulle outfit on Whitney, it nearly swallowed her whole, but it was adorable non-the less. The boys seem smitten with their baby sister. They will surely be her two body guards. Just the same, I think she will be a wonderful mixture of all girl and a bit of rough and tough thrown in.
Count with me, ten tiny kissable toes.
A proud daddy and his daughter.
Congrats Jamie and Jeffery on the birth of your daughter. She’s a beauty just like her mom!

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