Lucy is 4

It’s amazing the changes in Lucy over the year’s that I’ve photographed her. She’s really starting to change and look like a big girl and not so much of a baby/toddler anymore. They do grow so fast. And we have come so far, from not wanting her photo taken and all those tears to smiling away and having fun with the camera.
Those curls….so cute. Such a poser she’s become….I love it. She is talking up a storm now. She used to be so quiet but now she’s got a lot to say.
Big sis Addison and her mommy and daddy joined in for some of the shots at the apple orchard.
These two sisters are always such a joy to work with. They are sweet and funny just the same. They are forever leaving me on my toes for what they will do next. They are growing fast into little women.
Todd and Jenny have done a wonderful job raising these two little girls. And it’s obvious they adore their parents. They have a close knit bond that I hope continues as they get older.
Lucy getting some cuddles from Daddy.
To know Addy is to know you will get a bit of everything and I love that about her. She leaves me speechless with her own being….
and in the blink of an eye she leaves me in stitches with the faces she makes. This is just Addy being Addy.
As always, it was a fun shoot with this bunch. I’ve come to enjoy our gatherings each time. Until next time friends!

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