Irish Pride:

The time has come to say goodbye to yet another dress. Aubrey has once again outgrown a dress for her Irish Dancing competitions. So going with tradition, we had another shoot to commemorate her current dress as she waits for her new updated dress.  Dancing since age 4, this is the 2nd dress made specifically for her. She’s worn a total of 4 dresses so far. Aubrey is now 13 year’s old.
This gown was vibrant and beautifully detailed. I’m eager to see her new gown. From what I have seen of plans for it so far, it’s going to be even better. The bar is high. But the talent of the maker is exceptional.
The nice thing about these dresses is that other competitors from across the country, even across the globe will buy one another’s dresses if their sizing match up well enough. Some other lucky girl now gets to call this her dress for awhile. Much pride goes into these dresses.
There are two different shoes in Irish Step Dancing, the soft toed shoe on the left and the hard shoe on the right. Having done some Irish dancing myself, I appreciate the soft shoe, but there is something about that hard step of the hard shoe that really brings it full circle. It’s powerful and bold.
Oh girl……..look at you!
The wig is another piece of the outfit that plays it’s own role. In the 80’s someone thought of the idea to use wigs with the tight ringlets so that girls would no longer have to sleep in tight curlers. Can you imagine that discomfort?
Giving me a lil sass, I love it. Can’t wait to see the new dress when it arrives! Stay tuned to a later date to see what she will compete in next!

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