Southern Sass…

Every summer, Lana comes to Ohio from her home in Tennessee to visit for several weeks to her Aunt’s home, which is our neighbor. It’s been a welcome treat each time to see her and spend time with her. She has become a close pal of our son and she’s such a sweetie. She’s got an adorable accent and a lot of sass about her.
The last week while she was here, her mom came up for a visit with the family and we took Lana out to do some images of her. It’s become a fun tradition if you will. I love looking back at the previous year’s photos and seeing how she’s changing.
Cute as a button!
Lana is enjoying 1st grade. She’s very much a tom-boy at heart, but a bit of girl thrown in. She’s rough and tough. She’s very thoughtful and considerate. She humors me with her love of gum. She’ll find it in my car or on my desk and ask for a piece.
Even this summer, Lana was helping me paint my office. She was over on a play date with our son, but quickly had a brush in her hand and was helping me out.

My favorite Lana saying “Oh my geez’……..I can’t get enough of her!
I love those freckles!
Soon Lana is going to be a big sister. She’s going to have a baby sister in just a few more months. She’s looking very forward to it. She spoke of her baby sister often in our little chats.
One of the things that tickle’s me about Lana is how she can only hold it together for a short time and then she breaks into this cute laugh.
It was another great summer visiting with Lana and we always hate how fast the time goes. We miss her around here and look forward to the next time we see her. Sending hugs from Ohio!

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