Baby Doll…

I think I’ve finally met the true definition of Baby Doll in meeting lil Miss Shae. She was adorably cute. Those curls, those beautiful blue eyes.  Her mother, Whitney along with Will and her parents, Arnold and Darlene came along to get some family portraits together on Will’s family farm.  Shae was the center of attention without a doubt.
Look at that smile….how precious is she?
Such a sweet little family……to love on each other and this beautiful child. Many blessings.
The sweetness of her angelic face….
Oh Shae, you are a beautiful baby.

I love the tender moments between and mom and daughter.
Shae got lots of cuddles from the whole family…an in return she’d give big smiles and giggles. Makes it all worth while.
Shae was all about watching the shadows. We tried for a few minutes at this shot to get her attention and she was consumed with the shadows before her. She wouldn’t look up for anything. No matter what Will or Whitney would do, she wouldn’t look up. Just in one brief second, she looked up and snap and she was back to ignoring the camera again. She was a delight as was her family……

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