Boys Will Be Boys

One of the highlights of my job is being able to work with clients that allow me to take our ideas and mesh them together. Such was the case with Owen and Carson. We had a lot of fun on this shoot and I absolutely loved the turn out. I envisioned it in black and white, so that’s what we made it. Black and white is so timeless.
The boys are a close knit. While boys will be boys, they look out for each other. Hopefully that bond will remain into adulthood for them.
I’ve been photographing Owen and Carson’s family for a few year’s now and I can really see a difference in the boys. They are both starting to look so much older now. Past that youngster stage. How quickly it changes.
True heart breakers!
I love it when a vision becomes reality. Makes my heart skip a beat.

These two had fun on the shoot, they were good sports.
If those eye’s don’t melt ya…..
Carson clearly looks up to his big brother Owen. They play off each other well.
At the end, as the final moments of sunset was drifting by, the boys had some fun in the water. It felt so good that evening….one of those end of summer evenings when it’s spot on. Wish it could stay that way all the time. They had fun splashing about….until mom had a lil fun with them and gave them a big ol’ splash. Look out mom, pay back is coming your way!
This was my last session for summer 2015 and what a delight it was. I’ll miss you summer..and will be counting down the days till we meet again. Thank you Owen and Carson for having some fun!

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