I’ve known Erin since she was about 6 month’s old. She is the spitting image of her mom, Heather. Heather and I took her out for a bit of photo fun. We got into conversation one night about how much she resembles the actress Jennifer Lawrence.  We went around parts of Boulder City for her shoot that morning.
Erin is the type of girl that has the best of both worlds. She a tom-boy at heart, but she’s got her girly side too. She’s a hunter and she has a wicked sense of humor. She holds her ground and stands her own.  She’s a fantastic artist with a growing flare for photography. She loves her animals and her close knit of friends.
Erin’s got that serious look down.
But she’s got a beautiful smile that lights up her face and those blue eye’s glisten.
Loving those freckles.
Watching Erin mature into a young woman right before my very eyes. She’s going to break hearts for sure. As always Ms. Erin… was a fun day hanging with you and doing some updated pics!

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