This has been a session I’ve been eager to do for over the last six year’s. Some six  year’s ago I returned to Vegas to shoot two weddings back to back, one happened to be Bradi’s wedding. It was such a blast and so much photographers eye candy. We went to the beautiful park Red Rock Canyon for their portraits as the sun began to set behind the mountains and we were running on little day light left. Bradi was so fun and full of spunk, I could have photographed her all day. I always told myself I’d photograph her again one day. And so here we were again, all these year’s later and I’m so glad we did. We had a blast. Heather and I met her on the backside of Red Rock at a place called Calico Basin…….absolutely gorgeous.
So flirty and adorable….that is Bradi in a nutshell.
Bradi has a stunning smile.
I remember shooting this photo as she was looking at Heather’s camera and just thinking how thankful I am to be able to meet up with past clients of mine. It’s such a honor and pleasure for me. I have been fortunate enough over the year’s to photograph people in Ohio, around the country and around the world. It’s been a thrill for me. I have loved meeting so many people and getting to spend time with them and make a bit of photographic History of their lives.
Bradi is into Yoga and showed us some of her moves. You can’t really tell from the photos but she’s on a ledge of the mountain…I was holding my breath for her.
I had this vision of Bradi in my head…..simple and yet stylish. She was so at ease in front of the camera.
I will admit, I think if I were a cat, I would have spent about two lives getting up this cliff area with all my gear. I was huffing all the way up. I wanted to curl up and take a breather…an the heat was in the low 100’s so that also played a part. But it was all worth while.
I purchased this vintage hat a few weeks prior to my trip with Bradi in mind for it….I’ve always had a flair for vintage style and decor. I love the  mix of modern and vintage pulled together.
Those dark brown eyes, stunning and with a story to tell…
By far my favorite photo of the session. Thank you again so much Bradi for meeting up with us. It was so great catching up and fulfilling that wish to work with you again. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

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