Only In Vegas:

I had a chance to work with Ali again on a fun shoot that I’d had in my head for some time. There are several old, some abandoned motels along the main drag in Boulder City. That was the backdrop to our shoot on a gorgeous evening. Ali did not disappoint.
Ali has been adding to her modeling portfolio and is really easy to work with, She lights up in front of the camera.
Gosh, does this feel dated or what. How often do you even see a pay phone anymore? One of the cool things about Vegas is still so many awesome retro things around.
Ali got her fair share of cat call’s and honks as she strutted her stuff. She just smiled and waved back and got on with business.
No vacancy, more like a private residence . Just a trait of what’s happened in Vegas over the year’s.
Ali towers over me…..without heels…..she refers to me as her favorite ‘Shortie’…..I’ll take that.
We ended the night with some last moments with the sun. Another great shoot in the books and some fun memories made with Ali. Thanks again Chickie!

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