Thrown Back In Time

One of the reason’s I have so much fun getting a chance to work with my friend Heather when in Vegas is cause we put our heads together and this happens.  To back up a bit, we were shopping in the local used goods shop one afternoon with the thought of this shoot.  At that point, we had the location of the abandoned hanger, but were working out details with different models. We ended up leaving the shop with bags full of attire for the shoot, not knowing if the clothing would even fit. Slowly it was coming together. Then we found this awesome old leather suitcase in an antique shop, (we tend to lose ourselves in antique shops). We managed to find a model that could work with the time frame we had in mind for the shoot.  We were headed back to her house one night and came across a park in Boulder City with a few vintage cars sitting parked. I started salivating… love of things not of this time is a driving force in me. We went up an told the group what we were doing and asked if we could be able to use one of the cars for the shoot. Cue Tom, owner of this delish car.  He was more than willing to help two girls out and become the icing on the cake.
The 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad station wagon was so fitting for this shoot. That became more evident when Valarie arrived to the session. We started before the sun rose that morning, thankfully for me it’s still like 7a.m. Ohio time, but maybe a bit early for Heather as we got up that morning at 4 am to get ready and get to the location.  But sooooooo worth it. The stunning colors of Sierra Gold & Adobe Beige were perfection with the sunrise. To see a vision come together, just puts a smile on my face.
Tom shows his car at several shows around the country each year. Running on a ZZ430 engine with a 700R4 transmission. It has power steering, power brakes, air conditioning and cruise control. It is a sweet ride for sure. I was at the far end of the location when I heard Tom pull in off the main road and my heart skipped a beat when I heard the sound of it’s engine.
I have to say one thing about Valarie……..she nailed it. It was literally like stepping back in time, she fit the mold on every level. She was a complete natural in front of the camera. I knew she would be awesome to work with as I’d seen some work she’d done with Heather before. I couldn’t have been more pleased.
This hanger has been sitting abandoned for some time and was just screaming at me every time I visit. I swore next time I was in town I was going to shoot there, so I made sure of it.
A little later in the morning Diamound, one of Valarie’s co-workers from the hospital she works at joined in on the fun with her. She’d just gotten of the graveyard shift and was ready for her pillow, but was patient enough to bare with us for some photos with her.
I was amazed that the outfits we picked out at the shop were the right fit for both Diamound and Valerie.
Elegant lady
Lady of many disguises……Valarie is a master at changing her looks. She told me she had this wig in her car…how could I resist.
Meet Natasha……secret agent.  Wanna know something even cooler about Valarie? After our session finished, she joined us at the local coffee shop in full Natasha garb. It was enlightening watching all the heads turn in the shop, both men and women as she made her way to our table. Men looked in awe, women in a bit of disgust and pure jealously. She just laughed it off…..She was such a delight.

A huge thank you to Tom for coming out early that morning and enjoying the sunrise with us. That car rocks. So glad it was the perfect addition to our shoot. Thanks to Diamound for coming out even though she would have rather been in a deep sleep at that time, you may have felt exhausted, but you looked stunning.  And thank you Valarie for fitting the roles to perfection. Speechless!

But most of all, thanks to my partner in crime……Heather it is always such a thrill to work by your side. To dream and inspire with you. These moments, all these year’s are priceless for me.

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