2017 End of Year

2017 is coming to a close. Looking back over the last year’s photos put’s a smile on my face. All the wonderful things I’ve been able to take part of. When I look back on my life and love of photography, I never envisioned all those year’s ago as a child with a camera in my hand that I’d be doing this for a living. I never pursued it, it came for me. I never set out to do this, but somehow doors kept opening and I found myself doing what I loved. 2017-1 This year, I started working with a group called Connect 4 Humanity. A group of like creatives who get together for a great cause to provide beautiful works. I have met some great people an formed some great friendships within the group. 2017-22017-3 In March we returned to Australia for a couple of weeks to visit with my long time pen pal of nearly 33 year’s. Recently I was asked out of my career thus far, what some of my favorite shoots have been.  At the top of my list will always be photographing her family. It was such a honor that I will cherish. They are family to me. Though miles separate us and we only get to see each other several year’s at a time, I was so happy to be able to do this. I will love looking back on that time for sure. 2017-42017-52017-62017-72017-82017-92017-102017-112017-122017-13 This year brought me my last wedding. While I won’t say I’m officially retired of weddings, I no longer search for them. My heart just isn’t in it anymore like it used to be. They took so much time away from my family and other things that I enjoy doing.  As well, my body hasn’t been as forgiving. Year’s of carrying heavy gear has left my back pretty messed up. I have had to resort to taking better care of it. I just gradually started to pull away from weddings. I’m at a place with my career where I am happy with the choices. No regrets there.2017-142017-15 This fall proved to be nothing short of disappointment. It seemed like the color took forever to show up. It wasn’t as vibrant as year’s past. We had an abundance of rain and bad weather. It seemed every time I had planned shoots, the weather was against us. Needless to say, I look forward to autumn 2018 with the hope for lots of color and good weather. 2017-16 This year’s Vintage Truck Mini Sessions were a huge success. The original date got rained out (go figure) but that day turned out to be beautiful Our property was dry from the rains that had plagued us most of November. So things finally fell into place. Several people weren’t able to get in on this day, so I will likely be  holding another mini session next November with the truck. I absolutely love the holiday time, it’s always like a reunion of familiar faces and some new. 2017-172017-18 While I have been photographing Boudoir Sessions for year’s, I never post them on social media as I feel that should be private. But to further that side of my business, as many weren’t aware I photograph that, I created a private, women’s only page on Facebook. You can become a member of it at Candid Kama Boudoir Photography where you can keep updated on offers, styled shoots, give-a-ways and see images.  But sorry fella’s, it’s only for the ladies to view.

This year brought a lot of different experiences. I got to play with mermaids, I got to watch two become one with marriage vows. I witnessed couples becoming first time parents. Adoption stories. I got to photograph to beautiful girls on a deserted beach we had all to ourselves in Australia. Unreal. Working with excited seniors as they get ready to embark on their futures. I worked with different animals. I got to photograph several corporate events. I was able to offer my services to different charities close to my heart. I photographed a loved one’s final hours. I challenged myself to take a photo a day for the entire year.

I took a break from blogging this summer. I just needed a break from it. I’d been blogging since 2012. But with the new year I will get back to blogging again.

In closing, I’d like to thank the families and people who welcomed me into their homes, their weddings, their events. Trusted me with the more intimate moments. Those that allowed me to take visions in my mind and capture it in a photo.  I look forward to 2018. Thank you all for the smiles!



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