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Welcoming Eliette To The World:

I cannot tell you how excited I have been for this day to arrive….like nine whole months of anticipation. Tim and Leah anxiously awaited the birth of their first born, after year’s of waiting for the day to come, it was FINALLY here. In the birth’s that I have been fortunate enough to photograph in the past, I can tell you it’s a bit nerve racking, the wait. Always worried I’ll miss the call, worried I’ll forget something in the rush to the hospital, will it be during the day or the dead of night, a thousand thoughts run through my head and the eagerness I feel….then I get over myself and I remember there is two parent’s to be, who are going through a lot of the similar and more. Well this day finally came as of 40 weeks of waiting, and then some. The last two weeks for Leah were hard enough with non-consistent labor that was off and on. There was the thought she might go early, an I had a week out of state to fuss over, then I returned home. Both Tim and I both had sickness’s we were dealing with, not something you want to bring a newborn around. But she held out…

I got a text from Leah that I was on stand by as things developed that day. An so I waited for the next word, according to our conversations of how we were going to handle things. You can make plans, but you never know how things are going to go, so you  just go with it. Well the short of it is, the next I heard from Leah, they were in the hospital and I was going to make my way there, but there were some complications, they were concerned with the baby’s heart rate dipping. In a matter of a few minutes it went from waiting to delivery. I was going to miss out on the big long awaited moment.

Naturally I was bummed, but at the end of the day, it was about a safe delivery for a special little girl. I made my way to the hospital so that I’d be there once they were out of surgery. Little did I know as I walked into the hospital that evening, she was being delivered at that same moment… close.

When I arrived at St. Ann’s, I met up with Leah’s sister Amanda and her mom Debbie in part of the waiting area. They were anxious to get word on when the baby arrived. Calling up some friends and family as they waited.
Tim’s mom Sharon and his step-father Larry arrived soon after. They caught up on the events of the day and how fast everything changed. Checking their phones for updates.
This was by far one of my shortest birth stories, I likely only waited two hours at most…..but the anxiousness was still there. The family was patiently waiting.
Tim’s sister Allison and her fiancee Adam arrived shortly before Tim sent the long awaited text….Debbie and Sharon and I walked back to see the new family.
That smile says it all….
It had been a long couple of hours for Tim and Leah with little sleep the last 24+ hours. They were elated, but exhausted. Leah was feeling the effects of her c-section and wasn’t feeling stable enough to hold Eliette at the time. But she had a good first feeding with her baby and felt that bond. The excited grandparents welcomed her with open arm’s and lots of cuddles.
You’ve done good Tim and Leah!
She was so tiny. She would open her beautiful blue eyes and they would sparkle. Those long fingers an ten tiny lil toes.
Daddy is still learning the art of the swaddle.
Tim got Ellie as they call her wrapped back up and took her over to see her mother. The sweetness that followed was so touching.
Aunt Allison was eager to get her hands on her new niece.
Aunt Amanda was happy to take some time to get to know her baby niece too. She lit up holding her.
Leah was just taking it all in, eager for rest. Trying to account for everything that happened in a short matter of time. Allowing her body to mend.
Ellie has some lungs on her, she was vocal in letting them know when she wasn’t happy about something.
But sweet as can be, she would look about the room, all these new faces and spaces.
A Mother’s love for their children who now have their own child.
Leah and Tim had a whole birth plan, but that quickly went to the way side. Nothing went as planned, but in the end, they still got the prize. A beautiful baby girl.
I am just over the moon happy for my friends. It’s so great seeing this new chapter in their lives. They are so in love with Eliette. I feel so honored to have been a part of this special moment in their lives. We’ve come a long ways over the year’s and it’s been so great sharing in  your joy. Congratulations to you Tim and Leah!!

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Quinn Enters The World…

For the last few months I’ve been super excited for the pending birth of some of my favorite people, Crystal and Brad. She had informed me she was going to do a water birth, something I hadn’t had the pleasure photographing yet and was very eager too. When I arrived at OSU Medical Center, she was just getting in the water to take the edge off her contractions. The water she said did help with the contractions. However she was informed that they are no longer allowing water birth’s. So that was a bit of a let down, but in the end, a baby was coming an that is still pretty darn exciting.
Birth photography isn’t for everyone, I get it. But I love being a part of such an important event in a couples life. It’s an honor and a treat to be part of it.
Crystal was a true trooper as she was drug free for her entire labor. I admire her strength and determination. I know I couldn’t do it. She had the loving support of Brad and her mother, Deborah.
In between the contractions, she’d laugh and smile and catch her breath before the next one overcame her. This labor was going much faster than her first labor, so that made her happy.
Crystal stayed in the water for awhile and tried different positions to find her comfort zone. Life went on around her and she tuned it out to focus on her breathing. Before long it was deemed time to get her into the bed as things were progressing.
The strength of a woman is an amazing thing. I would have been screaming at the top of my lungs, but not Crystal. She was in obvious discomfort, but she stayed focused.
Brad and Deborah were giving so many tender touches to Crystal to help her through each contraction. The family unity with them is a beautiful thing.
I adore this photo of Crystal and her mom. Deborah would whisper words of encouragement in her daughter’s ear and try to ease the pain best she could. I’m sure it is hard to watch your own child in pain. But she was there the whole time holding her hand and being there for her daughter to lean on in her time of need.
As Brad would rub on her back, Crystal would focus on a photo of their first daughter, Paisley. She’d smile and realize this pain is so worth the end result. The blessing of another daughter was soon on her way.
Things were moving along, but Crystal was starting to get tired and weak and asked to stand for a bit. You could see the exhaust in her face and you couldn’t help but to feel for her. To be able to step in and give her a break. Brad was her rock. He’d offer his comic relief, which the staff, her mom and I likely benefited from more than Crystal. But he was there by her side the entire time.
Things got a little intense at go time with the baby’s heart rate dropping a bit. Likely due to standing for those few minutes, but everything was okay and it was time for her to enter the world. By this time, Crystal was looking for the last ounces of strength she had. She’d grown really tired by this point and wasn’t finding her focus as easily. She was ready to give up, but the staff and Brad and Deborah worked at giving her those last words of encouragement to help her pull through. And at 6:24pm Quinn came into the world with a loud cry.
Quinn’s arrival brought back that beautiful smile of Crystal’s I love. Deborah fell back into the window pane to catch her own breath as I know it was stressful on her watching her baby go through this and the tense moments. Birth can be a scary thing, these precious lives..I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when we heard the baby cry.
After a bit of staying warm on mom, they brought Quinn over to the warmer to get her diaper on and get her first measurements and such. Brad was there by her side, as he studied her face for the first moments.
8lbs and 14oz!
Not long after, big sister Paisley came into the room and got to meet her baby sister for the first time. She was so eager and excited. She couldn’t keep her hands of her.
The first family portrait with baby Quinn. Paisley was giving a bit of cute attitude cause she wanted to touch the baby continuously. She’ll have fun being a big sister now. I’m sure they will be close just as her mommy is with her sister. Another addition to this family is truly a blessing! Congrats Brad, Crystal and Paisley!

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The Birth Of A Mother…

Last Monday night, Shannon and Ken were heading into Dublin Methodist Hospital for an induction. It was sure to be a long night ahead.  Shannon gave me a call around 9pm. just to give me an update on how things were going and that either she or Ken would give me a call when she was 5-6 centimeters.   I went to bed at 10pm. If you know me, you’ll know I normally don’t go to bed until about 2a.m. every night. I’ve always been an night owl.

At 4:15a.m. Ken called and let me know it was time to come in. I jumped in the shower  an made my way to Dublin. This was my first time doing a birth session at Dublin Methodist so I was looking forward to it. I’ve heard so many nice things about this hospital and it did not disappoint. It’s almost like walking into a nice hotel, until you see the hospital aspects.

I walked into their room shortly before 6a.m. and Ken was laying in the pull out bed and Shannon was a lot more comfortable than she had been earlier. She was doing good, but clearly tired of a long night of not much rest. It wasn’t long before the nurse came into check her again and much to our surprise she was at 10 centimeters.

As the nurses began to prep Shannon, you could feel the excitement in the room. Ken and Shannon began to make a couple of quick calls to their friends and family. Ken called their mom’s and made sure that his older daughter Lily would be up and to the hospital soon to meet her baby sister.

Shannon began trying to deliver, but not much was happening, so they decided to let nature take it’s course and give her some time to get some much needed rest. She napped for almost two hours..and then it was time!

She pushed for a little bit, and then all the sudden, there she was. This sweet precious baby girl was placed on Shannon’s chest. The look of instant love was written all over her face. They named her Caelyn Celeste. She will be called cutely enough, CC.

Upon placing her on Shannon’s chest, they noticed that Caelyn’s nose was compressed to the side and she was having a little bit of trouble breathing out of that nostril. When she was born, she was facing up, rather than towards the floor.  Shannon did the skin on skin and noticed that she wasn’t moving and her skin went from pink to purple. They quickly took her from Shannon and placed her in the warmer. She began to pink back up in a matter of seconds. The nurse’s took watch over her and did their check up’s. They kept a close eye on her. It was amazing to see how even though she had her nose bent to one side, you could see her face starting to take shape. The nurses were confident that her nose would soon straighten up.

She had such baby doe eye’s. She sat in the warmer and just look all around. Her daddy and the nurses would every once in awhile push her nostril the opposite direction to help her breath a bit better.  She was so content. They placed her back in Shannon’s arms and allowed her to nurse for the first time.

I just was standing there in awe, so thankful for my job and some of the cool things I have been able to do. Watching a couple become parents. Watching a woman become a Mother for the first time. Watching her feeling like she is fumbling all over the place, while seeing from my perspective her doing it so naturally. It’s a beautiful thing.

Shortly after, both Ken and Shannon’s mom’s came in along with big sister Lily. Ken placed Caelyn in Lily’s arms. She looked like such a proud big sister. This little girl is going to look up to her so much. There might be a lot of year’s between them, but they will share a close bond. And she will be a great help with Ken and Shannon.

So on this Mother’s Day, I’m just happy to be able to be a part of moments like this…such a wonderful thing to experience. The thrill never get’s old. I am looking forward to seeing Caelyn again this week for her first portraits!! Congrats Ken, Shannon and Lily!!

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Molly’s Birth Day!

It seemed like a few weeks I waited for ‘the call’. There were a few false alarms. There was a lot of contractions and days that felt like this would be the day Anya and Rob would meet their baby girl. Finally on Friday, April 12, 2013 nature took over and Molly was making her way to her arrival. Anya kept me up to date with the status as I had a nearly two hour drive to make it to Athen’s where she would deliver at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital. I think part of what kept me on edge was knowing this was baby #2 and not knowing how fast things might go and knowing there was a distance between us. It was important for me to make it to this delivery. Rob and Anya started off as clients, but we now consider them dear friends.

Upon my arrival at the hospital that evening around 6:30 pm, Anya was contracting, but in good spirits. Rob kept her laughing and cheering her on, and when she was having the discomfort of labor, he was there to guide her through and encourage her. Together they make a great, solid team. He was such an awesome coach with her and was always there to comfort her best he could.


I have to say Anya deserves a huge kudo’s. I watched as she would go in and out of painful contractions and yet she was so calm and controlled in getting through them. She went for hour’s without getting and epidural, which that alone is kudo’s. I couldn’t have done that. But she did it like a pro. And when she wasn’t contracting, this girl would laugh and smile and you wouldn’t even know she was in the process of labor.


We placed our bets as to when we thought Molly would make her arrival, we were guessing sometime before midnight. The wonderful mid-wive’s who were taking care of Anya would check her and there was slow progress being made as the hour’s past. Slowly the window of time before midnight got closer. Much like with her first birth two year’s ago to the week with their son Ben….she went for awhile looking like it would be a way’s off, then suddenly things start to happen and happen fast.

Being a part of a birth is so humbling and I feel honored. And watching someone come into the world is such a beautiful thing. I was so moved watching Anya as she progressed from a slow laboring to the onset of  immediate birth. Such raw emotion. When it came time, the flood gates opened. The excitement and anticipation, the fear and anxiety all came to a head. Anya broke down and yet Rob was right there all the way to help her through. To see the way they held onto one another in complete trust, had I let myself go on watching them and not doing my job, I would have been crying right there with her.

FINALLY at 1:12 a.m. on Saturday, April 13th, Molly Kate entered the world. At 7lbs and 13 oz, she had dark brown curly hair. Looking so much like her big brother Ben. She was a strong, feisty little girl. As soon as they placed her on Anya’s chest, all that emotion quickly turned to smiles and tears of joy. What a celebration of life.

So glad that I was able to make it to this special event. So many highlights I’ve been able to share in this family’s life…..I cherish that.

Welcome to the world Molly!

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Welcome To The World Miles!

My day started yesterday at 5:30a.m, but I don’t think I got much sleep the night before. Worrying that I’d miss the alarm, that the alarm wouldn’t go off. Excitement of the pending birth. I suppose I should have slept better given the fact I knew it was coming at a certain time, but never happens that way. I made my trek to Riverside Hospital to meet up with Randy and Trisha for the birth of their fourth son. This was my second Birth session with them and I was so excited to be a part of it.Trisha is so laid back and at ease while really wouldn’t know she was having contractions. She makes it seem so easy. I’m sure she’d disagree with me. We all had thought this process would go fairly quick as the last birth of their son Carter was about four hours. The baby had other plans.And so we waited and waited. We joked how all the images would be them on their cell phones updating their Facebook status’s and such. It’s the sign of time time’s. They watched on TV the final farewell to the Pope as the TV played silently in their room. Trisha would hold her belly for the last time’s. And Randy would comfort her as needed or just share a laugh with her.She had a bit of back pain and Randy did his best to rub her back for her and help ease the discomfort. Randy was craving in the worst way a McDonald’s Burrito, so when his In-law’s arrived,he got his bag of goodies and ate away. Thankfully it wasn’t of interest to Trisha. Breakfast came and went an then lunch…they placed their bet’s when they thought the baby would arrive. 2 p.m. was the goal if not before.Trisha had this adorable hat that she wanted to put on the baby once he arrived.Things continued to seem to go along slowly, but she began to feel more pressure and much to their surprise she was ready to deliver.This is the smile of a beautiful Mama about to meet her baby boy….Trisha’s parents came into give them support and well wishes before they stepped out for the delivery. Just as with laboring, Trisha seems to deliver so easily. He was here in no time and they placed him on her belly to meet his parents face to face. He arrived at 1:30 p.m.
I adore these images. Trisha wanted to do the Kangaroo Care after the birth. This skin on skin contact is soothing for both mother and child and helps in the bonding process. Miles was crying from the  moment he was delivered, but as soon as they placed him on his mother’s chest, he instantly was soothed. Miles weighed 9lb’s. He has a feisty cry and let the nurse’s know he didn’t like being bothered. It didn’t take him long to find his fingers that he would suck on. Randy’s mom brought the rest of the family in to meet their new brother. Lucas, Brady and Carter were excited to see Miles. Well perhaps Carter was a little less excited, but he was more curious who the little being was. After all, he was the baby of the family.Trisha and her mom sharing a beautiful moment together.It’s such a joy taking it all in from my point of view. I watched from many different angles as Trisha just swallowed whole her family and that look of pride on her face. She has a house full of boys, but I don’t think she’s change a thing for a second. And Randy is so supportive and caring, what a great team they make together. The first family portrait with Miles Kenneth. Welcome to the world Miles! Thanks again to Randy and Trisha for allowing me to be a part of this big event in their lives. I always cherish these moments.

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