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Antonia and Matty

The last of my shoot’s in Vegas this last trip was the engagement session of Antonia and Matty. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Antonia before and she’s such a beautiful girl, inside and out. She’s got a lot of spunk about her and a mad sense of style. It was nice to meet her man, Matty and get to know him a bit.  They both fit each other like a puzzle. They just click.  We held their session at a garage of a friend of their’s. This place was sick…..would make any guy drool. Even the ladies would appreciate it.
I was certainly getting my fix of vintage cars on this trip……I eat this stuff up!
Hot Babe, hot rod, what else could a man want?
I have heard a bit about the wedding details and it sounds amazing…..Antonia is going to blow Matty’s socks off.
Antonia’s wedding dress is already in her possession, I’m sure she cannot wait to put it on and show Matty. It’ll be here before you know it!
It was a pleasure working with you again Antonia. So glad we got to meet up again and do this special session. You and Matty rock! We are looking so forward to the wedding!!

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2014 Wedding Photography Give Away Winners!!

I spent this past Saturday evening with Carrie and Jason on a beautiful spring evening in the country. It was great to get to spend time getting to know them better and talk about their upcoming wedding plans in full motion. They will be celebrating their ceremony late this summer.

We kind of just winged it…..and went where we went for photos and it was so much fun. We found this farm in Delaware and stopped to take some photos, the owners were gracious enough to let us use their property.
Jason and Carrie will be married in Delaware, so what better place to do their engagement photos.
We stopped by the old mill ruins along the country road for a few images. Always been a cool place in my eyes.
A beautiful Weeping Willow was a perfect setting for these two to find some shade and relax for a bit.
Jason wanted to re-create their proposal for an image. How sweet.
Jason was cracking Carrie up the entire session….they have a great chemistry with one another.
We headed over to Alum Creek to get by the water. It was so nice just enjoying the gorgeous weather we were having and taking it all in.  The sun would soon be setting and it was the end to a perfect day.13141516

We searched and searched for a field of the vibrant yellow flowers, or I’m assuming weeds and were in luck. We finished off the night just before we lost the sun. It was a fun evening and we look forward to the wedding day in a few months!


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Chad and Jessica

You know when you’ve shot the engagement session and your pumped, the upcoming wedding leaves you excited for more. Chad and Jessica will be tying the knot in a few weeks and they are eager to start their lives together.
We met in German Village. Their colorful attire suited the colors of the city around them. I found them to be a sweet couple. I’d actually met Chad a couple of year’s ago when I shot his sisters wedding. How exciting to see him getting ready to walk down the aisle. They have a lot of year’s of friendship built in this relationship so marriage will only grow them stronger.
Jessica’s eye’s are just stunningly beautiful…..Jessica and Chad are just so laid back together…they would look at each other and just smile.
Taking in the beautiful sunny evening….just fit their bright spirits. Such a fun couple. It was fun getting to know Chad and Jessica better….we had a lot of things in common I found and some good conversations. September is just around the corner….can’t wait to be a part of your wedding day!

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Kindra and Jason

A few weeks ago I was taken out to the deeps woods into a sort of secret garden in Lancaster for the engagement session of Jason and Kindra. It was a bit of a hike getting to this open area spot, but well worth the walk. They spend a lot of time going up to enjoy the peaceful views of the park here. Often they watch as sky divers make their decent to earth from above. It’s a beautiful area with a lake below it and nothing but nature around. Jason recently popped the big question in their favorite spot to get away from it all…They are planning a wedding for next spring.I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kindra before in a fun but wintry cold shoot we did this past winter. Jason was there to help out with getting us through the deep snow. I think as we had picked a cold day in the winter, we had picked a very hot blustery day in summer for their engagement shoot. Boy was it hot! Be still….
Kindra and Jason have a lot of fun together and enjoy the great outdoors. Much to my surprise Kindra and I neither found any ticks on us after playing in the tall grasses, but they seemed to like Jason. Darn buggers.
Nothing like relaxing nature’s blanket. The wedding planning is in full progress and going strong… and friends are counting down the days to the big event and we can’t wait to share in the day! Looking forward to celebrating with you two!

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Kelsey and Michael

Michael recently popped the question to his girlfriend Kelsey and she said ‘YES’!  After a couple of year’s of dating, they are excited to enter this new stage of their relationship and begin planning for their wedding next spring.  We met at The Ohio Village, on the grounds of the Ohio Historical Society. What a great location for an engagement shoot. The property offers a unique setting and lots of colorful aspects about the village. Kelsey and Michael were so sweet and easy to work with, it was a lot of fun spending some time with them. We talked about some of their wedding plans and what they had sorted out so far. What an exciting time ahead for them. One can’t help but to be excited.The grounds of The Ohio Village is colorful and full of charm. We walked the wood walkways and the gravel roads. Stepping back into yester-year. How things have changed all these decades later. The Ohio Village is also a great venue to have a wedding. There is the chapel on the grounds as well as some other spots. It is a great place for the guests to mingle around and take in the sights. For weddings big and small, it’s fitting for all types.Michael and Kelsey had a lot of fun with their engagement session. I’m sure year’s from now they will enjoy looking back on these images, as well as sharing them with future children.Sweetness!

Congrats on your engagement and may you have many happy days ahead of you both!

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