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Lil Darlin’ Mini Sessions:

It all started this spring as I was out antiquing as I tend to do often and I came across this old rusted crib. I didn’t even think about it, I just knew I had to get it. Then a few short week’s later, I was shopping at a antique shop in Nevada and I found this brilliant hand made quilt. How could I resist.  An so became my latest mini sessions, Lil Darlin’s. I started out in Pickerington on the first night.
Charlie, Warren and Emily loved the bed in the field. They were quick to jump on it and try and get comfy.
Emily is growing into a well spoken, intelligent sweet girl.
Charlie has a smile that lights up the room for sure.
Warren melts your heart.
Charlie, you crack me up. Don’t even loose that passion to see the fun in everything.
I then got to celebrate a special 1 year old, Whitney. She was bright eye’d and full of smiles.
Sometimes I look at these sweet babies I’ve photographed as newborn’s and it blows me away how quickly it’s come up on their first birthday.
Whitney is a tiny lil girl. So petite. You just want to cuddle her. She’s absolutely stolen her family’s hearts.
Whitney was chill and just checking out the nature around her. A cupcake in the park was icing on the cake for her.
On the second night of the Lil Darlin’s Mini Sessions I was in Delaware where I got to meet this family for the first time. They have only just recently moved to Ohio. Jordan and Kacey an their adorable children, Tatum and Callum.
This handsome gent was giving me serious baby fever. Oh my goodness…
These two were so sweet on each other. Tatum didn’t hesitate to give her baby brother hugs and kisses, and Callum welcomed them.
It was great meeting you all. Welcome to Ohio, I hope you make lot’s of great memories here.
Jordan and Kacey’s neighbor’s are some long time clients of mine. Matthew, Shaina and their family, Eliana, Noah and Micah.
Matthew and Shaina seriously make the cutest kids.
Micah wasn’t so sure about all these picture taking stuff….those brow’s.
Noah is a lil heart breaker. He’s quiet and reserved, but he flashes that smile your way and you can’t help but to smile back.
Eliana is cute as a button, full of sass and charm.
I knew as soon as I took this first photo of Noah and Eliana, it was going to be my favorite. It wasn’t actually set up that way, but I shot it just before I had the kid’s change positions. When I got home an was able to see it, it was quickly marked as one of my all time favorite photos I’ve taken in all the year’s I’ve been doing photography. So timeless.
Micah was holding his head up so well for some of his photos. He did really well and no tear’s the whole session.
Next up, Maddie and her sister, Emery. So sweet they are together.
Jenni and her girl’s got a little one on one time without the boy’s for some photos. They had lot’s of fun and kisses and cuddles together.
That’s right Maddie, give her a big wet one!
Emery an those cheeks….don’t you just want to love on her. She’s precious.

In Granville, Kenzie and Kaitlyn came to visit. One of my cat’s was out and about and Kenzie was determined she would find him.
Kaitlyn is a great big sister. She is always helping Kenzie out to try to look at the camera, or taking her by the hand.
These two, they were so cute. They were giving endless kisses to one another, the next one always out doing the last.
Before they left, they had a swing.
Thanks to all the families that came out for the Lil Darlin’s Mini Sessions. I know there were a few that ended up not being able to make it. I have opened it up that if you’d like to book a session with the day bed, just let me know. I have gotten a lot of feed back on it. So it’s not just limited to this series of Mini’s.

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Lil’ Fairy

I had so much fun on this shoot. Addie has been dancing at Footsteps Family Dance center since she was 3 year’s old. Nearly 10 now, she has a strong passion for dance.  She loved this particular costume that is about to be retired so her mom had a mini-session for her in the woods.
Addie will start her second season of dance with the Footsteps Dance Theater Company where she takes lessons in Ballet, Tap and Jazz.  Addie also enjoys her role in being an assistant to her teacher, helping other students learn the dances.
This particular costume was worn in a piece that was choreographed by her Ballet teacher, Miss Jennifer, studio owner and director. ‘In The Glade’ received many accolades in the five different competitions the Junior Ballet performed.
When not dancing, Addie enjoys spending time with her family. She’s part of the Girl Scouts. She enjoys reading and time spent with friends. She’s become a strong advocate for her brother who has Down Syndrome. A kind, sweet soul, Addie is wise beyond her year’s. She’s got a maturity about her. She’s going to go far in this world for sure.


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Spring Mini Sessions

A big thanks to all the families who came out to The Park Of Roses for the Spring Mini Sessions earlier this month. It was a beautiful evening. The kids enjoyed running around and I think us parents all had a sigh of relief Spring is finally arrived. Here is a sampling of some of their images from that evening.

Thank you all again for coming out!! Enjoy the wonders of Spring!

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Round Up of 2014

I really thought I’d be able to pull off getting every thing from last fall posted in each blog per session, but sitting here an it’s almost February, I realize that just isn’t going to happen. It’s hard to stay caught up, esp in the busy fall, followed by the mania of Christmas to get posts up, an then I generally do not post any  of my holiday sessions until after Christmas so that way no one will have spoiled holiday cards and gifts. Soooo-wrapping up, I decided to just do a big post per each session and try to narrow down the images. That alone was difficult as I had so many favorites per session.  So here are some of my faves from the remainder of my fall sessions and into November and December.
2014 was a fantastic year full of new faces and familiar places. It had such a blast the whole year with the opportunities I had and feel so fortunate for each one. 2014 marked the 10th year I’ve had my own business and I have enjoyed the road so far and look towards the future. Thank you all for another great year and see you in the coming months of the new year!

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Pickerington Mini Sessions

Kicking off yet another successful day of Mini-Sessions, I met up with some pretty faces in Pickerington at the park and one handsome bull dog. It was a gorgeous fall day with the sun beating down on our skin, with the cool Autumn air blowing.
It was my first time working with Lynsey and J.C. an their two boys, Jacson and Fynn. They were sweethearts….but the family dog Bro was sure to be center of attention.
Sofia and Elle were cute in their matching dresses. They were at ease with the camera and having a good old time, nearly out doing each other in poses….it was fun watching them just play off each other.
Beautiful girls, best of friends, sisters. It doesn’t get any better than that.
I got to see some familiar faces, Shannon and Andy brought their three munchkins, Carter, Cowen and Alexandria.  They were all looking so dapper.
Lauren and Sarah always give off such great images, I have a hard time narrowing it down, they are naturals. So fun to work with.
These two sisters have a lot of fun with one another. They are always so close and bonded. So neat to see that in young children.
These fine chaps, Steven, an Owen and Carson and their Mom Kristen had some fun while at the park.  Playing in the water, and keeping mom an dad on their toes. Those mugs, I love’em!
Some new faces, Roy and Julie and their boys Samuel and Andrew. The boys were so adorable in their boots. Those smiles just beaming.
And this group of kids to finish the day, Brianna, Emery, Cars and Brooke. It was neat to see the other siblings relating to the younger of the two.
Thanks again to all those that came out, it was great to meet some new faces and fun to see those I’ve worked with before!

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