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Year’s ago, I scribbled down ideas, inspirations, creative outlet’s that I had to put down on paper. I never knew if I would get around to doing any of them, but at least it was a goal. I’d always had the idea of doing a GREASE inspired shoot. It was my favorite childhood movie growing up. My mom had taken me to see the movie several times while it was in theaters. Over the year’s of my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of great people. I started to pin together my thoughts and got a hold of a few of my mom’s I’ve worked with, and the inspiration became reality. I’d been a nervous wreck about this shoot, worrying it would rain. We planned this out on a date we knew everyone would be in town. I was giddy that it was such a beautiful evening.
Danny, by Micah.
Sandy, played by Cambell.
Kenickie played by Beckham.
Rizzo played by Cece.
Frenchy played by Addison.
Putzie played by Harrison.
Patty Simcox played by Ady
Marty, played by Sadie.
Jan, played by Maddie
17 Principle Mcgee played by Lea.1819
Danny and Sandy having a bit of fun with each other. As each one of these kid’s walked up to the shoot, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. They all looked so good.
‘Tell Me About It Stud!’
This was such a fun shoot, the kid’s were enjoying themselves and I was caught up in the moment of how fitting each an every single kid did their part. One of the mom’s was kind enough to have songs from the GREASE soundtrack playing as we did the shoot. How fun!
22 Rizzo an the guys…23
Ahh, teenage crushes……
I did a series of shots, an our youngest Greaser didn’t want to miss out on what was going on. Graham was too funny.

I give BIG props to these kids. They did AWESOME. I directed where I wanted them to go, but they did their part of acting. It was neat watching them come together and create these persona’s they were acting.
Who knew Sandy + Kenickie. Cambell and her brother Beckham got a shot together in the stands.
This shoot was held at New Albany High School. As some of them are students there, I wanted to incorporate that into the photos.
And that’s a wrap! You all did such a wonderful job and I am so pleased with the turn out. Each and every one of these kid’s played an important part of this shoot. Job well done to each of you. And I have to give a HUGE thank you to the parents. We started planning this shoot in May. Over the summer we had had many conversations about the shoot. The parents all helped each other and they did an incredible job dressing the kids. I could not have brought this inspiration to life without their help. And I’d like to thank Mr. McPeek for allowing us to use his awesome Hot Rod in the shoot. He was kind enough to drive it over to the school and let us borrow it. The kid’s enjoyed it too! So from the bottom of my heart, THANK ALL OF YOU for helping me these last few months, and for your help at the shoot. You all rock!

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Christmas Mini Sessions At The Tree Farm

Oh how I love a tree farm. For me, one of my favorite days is picking our Christmas tree for that year. This has been a long standing tradition since I was in my teens. It’s generally cold and miserable out, but it’s such a fun day and I always look forward to the following year, so having a day of Mini’s at a tree farm again was so much fun. If only the snow would have fallen…1234567It was extremely cold this day…but everyone was good sports about getting some quick photos done aside of the shivers. Thinking back now, I’m pretty sure this is the day I started my month long+ visit with Bronchitis.89101112131415161718192021222324252627Everyone brought so much festive joy to the sessions that day…even though I was a little ice cycle by days end, it was worth it. Thanks to all the families who came out that day. I’d also like to thank Cackler Farms for allowing me to use their beautiful land for the day. And a big thanks to Chris and Dara who were so kind to help me set up that morning. I got lost (thank you messed up GPS) for getting me there right at start time, but I appreciate your helping me get on track! And thank you to Rich and Kristine who were just as sweet for helping me get on the road. Thank you all again so much for a great day!!

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Play Time…

I got to spend a bit of time with the triplets and catch them in play time. With a house of toys and each other, there is never a dull moment. Kierin will always have her two brothers there to look out for her..what a lucky gal she is.
I get a chance to see them every couple of months and I was blown away at how much they have really started to take on conversations and using their words. Just under 3 years old, they are advancing awesomely.  They enjoy playing with mom and dad and having a good time with one another.
I love Kaelon’s laugh…they all enjoy getting tickles from Sirini. Kierin enjoys feeding her baby, she makes a good lil Mama, and Zephan likes to give Mommy Lisa butterfly kisses. Those are the best!
The last image amused me how their attention was glued to Mommy and Daddy feeding one another..
One more group shot and Lisa’s mom joined in for a couple. The outfit that Kierin wore was one that her mom wore when she was her age. That’s always fun to look back and see the generations. Another year is upon us and soon they will celebrate their 3rd year! So many changes to come and fun experiences.

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2013 Contest

Here’s the first of announcements to come. I look forward to this each year with much anticipation and excitement I can hardly contain it. I’m on the inside of it all, so I can only imagine what it’s like for the couples. So this year I’m changing things up a bit, I figure I’m my own boss, who’s gonna fire me at my own contest? This year instead of three couples, we are going to have 6 couples!

The couple with the most votes will win:


-Engagement Session

-Up to 6 hours coverage

-Edited DVD and Copyright of Image

Now here comes that nitty gritty, oh so important details…..

For each vote to be counted, these rules must be followed. Pretty please.

-One vote per person please. I won’t accept doubles as I want this to be a fair contest.

-Submit vote’s to KAMA@CANDIDKAMA.COM
-Subject Line must say Amour
-Name the couple OR number for your vote.
-Voting will begin Tuesday, February 12th at 9a.m.-, February 13th at 5p.m. (before and after that time will not be counted.)
-The winner’s will be announced here on the blog on Thursday, February 14th at 10 a.m.
-Voting will be conducted by friend’s and family of the couple. The winner’s are chosen by who got the most votes. So be sure to share the new’s with everyone.
In year’s past I’ve seen some great depths the couples will go to get people’s votes, so get the word out there cause the vote is in your hands!

The Finalists:

#1-Rosie and Kevin
They met while working together in Dublin back in high school.  During her senior year in high school she was dumped right before her prom. She had bought tickets, a dress, and planned an after party, but it would seem it would go to waste.  next week she went to work like any other day only to find Kevin waiting with a rose and an offer to take her to the prom. And after that night they never parted ways. The proposal was just as she would have wanted it. Kevin placed the ring in a bag of one of her favorite sweets, gummi bear’s. As they watched a movie, he asked if she wanted some candy (please say yes!) She reached in the bag and found a wonderful surprise. After nearly 7 year’s of dating, they were excited to begin the next phase in their lives.
#2 Jenni and Mike
Having met back in 2010 when she was hired as his banker, there was a mutual attraction there for both of them. They started off as friends and allowed their relationship to blossom. Having both come out of prior relationships and having kids, they began to bond together. Each year the family travels to Hilton Head for vacation, and while Jenni thought it might happen there, the excitement got the better of her and things didn’t happen as she thought it would, leaving her thinking maybe not now. On the last night of their vacation, Mike, along with all the family took a walk down to the Harbour Town Lighthouse for some last minute photos. Meanwhile Jenni’s dad was prepping to catch the ‘shot’ of that moment she’d been waiting for. He’d had the ring in his pocket and threw it to Mike who got down on one knee to a shocked and yet still surprised Jenni. Both Jenni and Mike have lost their mother’s to cancer, so having their family be a part of this special event meant the world to them.
#3 Zacq and Casey
Both sharing a love for the game volleyball, they had first seen one another at a tournament. Between games Casey would watch Zacq as if he owned the place. She found him to be a bit of a ‘jerk’ if you will. But yet something intrigued her greatly about him as she couldn’t take her eye’s off him. She placed herself on the bench to watch a bit more of this talented player, only to realize that in her tunnel vision she’d sat on a breakfast sandwich. Mortified she stood up to clean herself off when Zacq came to get his sandwich….you know, the one she sat on. Within about a week they had their first date. Zacq surprised her with a New Year’s Eve proposal as the ball dropped, exclaiming that he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her.
#4 Amanda and Steven
Having met while both working as servers at a restaurant, there was an instant attraction for each of them. Over time the families could see they were getting serious. Steven did the honorable, yet hard to swallow meeting with Amanda’s father. He shared his adoration for Amanda and that he wanted to spend his life with her and ask for her hand in marriage. Dale of course welcomed him with open arms. It’s hard to ‘give up’ your daughter, but knowing she’d found herself a great man, it wasn’t so hard. Steven took Amanda to Hocking Hill’s to go horseback riding and to walk around the caves and falls on a beautiful autumn day. They found a nice rock overhang that looked out over the vibrant colors where they talked about their time together and he popped the question!
#5 Matt and Melissa
They met back in 7th grade and have pretty much been together ever since. They dated through college and got more serious and found they didn’t want to be apart. Fast forward all these year’s later, Melissa is obsessed with Zumba. She trains other’s in it as well as going to a friend’s class. Matt on the other hand wanted no part in the activity. Swearing he’d never step foot in a class. Very sneaky. It worked to his advantage when planning is proposal story to Melissa. She was at one of her friend’s classes with a packed room of people. Dancing her heart out, in comes Matt behind her dressed in his best Zumba attire..bright neon colors, enough to require sunglasses. Funny enough she was excited for his being there, but kept on dancing away. Little did she know what was about to go down. Rewind a bit, Matt had been taking lessons in the Zumba moves behind her back to make this moment happen. When the song was over, Matt took off the top t-shirt he had on to reveal to Melissa written on his shirt ‘Will You Marry Me’ And the rest is as they say, History!
#6 Aimee and Christopher
They met each other on E-Harmony and got to know each other and found they wanted to be together pretty quickly. After dating about six months, Christopher was ready to propose to Aimee. Catching her off guard while at home she thought he was playing games with her, to which she at first wasn’t amused, but once down on one knee, the heart melted and they were engaged.  They are both college students making their future paths together.


And so that my friends are 2013’s contestants for this year’s contest. Remember it’s all about the votes. I’m just as eager as you to see who will win! So stay tuned for the voting to begin on the 12th and for the big announcement on Valentines Day!!
Best of Luck to you all~
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Happy Guy

I got the chance to spend some time with this handsome boy, Evan and his Mommy, Myka and Daddy, Shane in their New Albany home. Evan is almost 5 year’s old and full of energy and lot’s of love to give.  It’s easy to see that he lights up his parents lives with every breath he takes. He’s come far in his first four year’s and continues to grow and learn. I was impressed to see Evan speaking sign language for words he didn’t yet say out loud. Back when my Uncle was born in the 1950’s, that wasn’t an option to a child with Down Syndrome. That is a great advancement. Evan had such bright eyes’s. Even from across the room they seemed to sparkle. He loves to get hugs from his Mommy and Daddy and they didn’t hold any back. The family pets, Josey and Frankie got in on the action for a bit. It’s hard to keep everyone calm when there is someone new  in the house.Their entire house was full of great cheery colors and Evan had such colorful toys surrounding him. Evan loved playing a game of pillow toss with his dad. The giggles coming from him were contagious and one more was never quite enough.
Doesn’t his smile melt your heart!Myka and Shane find such joy in having Evan in their lives and take nothing for granted. They look forward to each day with him and giving him a life of independence. Evan loves getting on the bus and going to school. Giving him a chance to make new friends and learning about this big world we live in.

Who doesn’t love that sinking feeling in the pit of your tummy when you are tossed in the air. Yet again Evan wanted more. I’m sure Shane was feeling it the next day, but you won’t find him complaining. It was such a fun lil visit with Evan an his family!

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