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Shala and Cliff

The morning started out with the skies opening and pouring rain…….and it poured. Meanwhile friends and family of Shala and Cliff prepared their wedding venue at Creekside in Gahanna. It may have been gloomy outside, but it was bright and cheery inside. A eager bride and groom to be, excited to make it official.  The venue was so vibrant with orange and yellow hues against the gray sky outside.
Shala was eager to see her man and walk down the aisle. Their set up was beautiful. Her gown was perfect for her.
Little touches of Cliff and Shala, a candy bar full of their favorite chocolates. Spring flowers that would make anyone smile. And artistically made wedding cake.
These two just would both light up in each other’s company. They were very in tune with one another and always laughing. And you could sense a real family bond within the joining of families.
As the rain poured, the bride an groom said their vows in front of their loved ones. The rain began to let up and the sun started to break through the clouds.
The happy newlyweds, starting a new chapter of their lives. So full of love and adoration. Family that was just as happy to share in this day with them.
True happiness…
Best wishes on your marriage, may you share many laughs for year’s to come. Congrats Shala and Cliff!


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Matthew and Antonia’s Las Vegas Wedding:

Oh where do I begin…I’d been so excited about this wedding, and now I look back with many fond memories of such a fun filled weekend. Going back, two year’s ago when I was in Las Vegas on a business shoot, one of the models for our magazine post was Antonia. She was a friend to a girl I’d met a few year’s prior from yet another Vegas wedding I’d shot. Antonia was great with the camera and easy to work with. I still remember it like it was yesterday. We were up on the top section of this old barn doing some photos of her and she was telling me about how she and her boyfriend Matty were looking at rings. Fast forward, and I’m back in Las Vegas, shooting the engagement session of Antonia and Matty, with my friend Heather.  I was so excited when they asked us to shoot their wedding. Heather would be my side kick all the way for this gala. I knew there was some serious fun to be had.
Beyond the dazzel of the Las Vegas strip, as you start to make your way East into the desolate desert lies this oasis known as Lake Las Vegas. Some 3592 acres of land and a man made lake are the heart of this Italian themed resort. Full of rich colors and dramatic views, it’s a great get-away from the busy city.
Antonia was calm and relaxed as she got her make up done. She was taking it all in and not worrying herself with the details.
Sabrina Tannehill did an awesome job on Antonia’s make up. She rocked it!
Everyone was busy getting ready for the big day in different room’s all over the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort.
Meanwhile, in the groom’s men room, Heather got the guy’s looking their finest.
The guy’s all helped each other out. Their style was perfection for each of them.
Radiant bride to be.
All the girls of the bridal party came up to the bridal suite. They shared a lot of laughs and showed their spunky personalities. A fun bunch of ladies to work with.
Ahh, the anticipation of a groom.
Prior to the ceremony, we headed down to a room next to where the ceremony would be for Antonia to put on her custom made gown. It was gorgeous. Antonia got help from her mother as she stepped into her gown.
In my career, there are images that will forever stick out for me….this without question will be one of those.  A few minute prior to the ceremony and Antonia and I had a moment to get a few photos. Stunning!
Just across the entry way, in a room across from his bride to be, Matty and his groomsmen waited patiently. Matty found this gift waiting for him from his bride. He of course had to give it a riff.
A tender moment before the ceremony with Antonia and her father.
The bride walked down the aisle with her father and her eldest son, Marcelino.
Prior to the ceremony, the wind’s had been picking up all day. In Vegas, that can make or break an outdoor event. The ceremony location was up in the air up until shortly before go time, as they didn’t know if it would be too gusty in the tunnel where the ceremony was being held. Thankfully everything went as planned, an although it was a bit windy, it was a wonderful sunset ceremony. Even Elvis came to the wedding. He was kind enough to sing for the bride and groom.
It was fun seeing the two of them light up when they were finally together again. You could see the joy in both of them.
Antonia’s father preformed the ceremony for them. A lot of laughter and some tear’s were shed. The joining of both Matty and Antonia’s children played a special part of the ceremony. They are now officially a family. They get on well with each other and the kid’s all have a lot of zest about them.
Truth be told, Heather and I were a little stressed worrying about the time frame for their portraits. By the time the sunset ceremony was done, we knew we weren’t going to have much daylight left, but it ended up being just perfect. The glow of the rays behind the mountians cast the pink hues, perfect for all the pink in the wedding.
Antonia and Matty and their children, Alix 12, Marcileno 10, Antonio 7 and Adina 6.
Don’t they look handsome.
And the ladies were not to be outdone. Their style was sophisticated and yet was so Matty and Antonia’s style. Their hair was crafted by the talented Kristina Gilbert.
These two sisters were so excited for the big day.
The groom and his guy’s went across the street to the golf course for some photos.
Both Matty and Antonia have been blessed with two children each, and they now can officially be family. There is no division, they are combined. They clearly all adore each other.
After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed cocktails at The Ravella. A beautiful landscape overlooking the lake. The guests enjoyed an open bar, with live music and some more songs from Elvis himself.
Inside the decor for the reception was a wonderful mixture of elegance and touches of Matty and Antonia.
They know how to throw a great party. The music had everyone on the floor. The guest’s had a great time an were going strong.
Much to my surprise, Antonia and Matty were reserved for their cake. The kid’s had a lot of fun dancing and showing off their talent’s.
Antonio knew how to clear the floor and do his thing.
Congratulations again to Matty and Antonia. Thanks for bringing me out, and allowing Heather and I to be part of your special day. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating with you all and made some great memories. Best wishes to you both. XX  And a special thanks to my second shooter and best friend Heather…I love any opportunity we have to work side by side. So glad to share that with you. We wore ourselves out, but it was so fun in the process! As always, it’s great to get back to Vegas, you’ll always be home to me!

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Spring Snow-A Wedding Story

When planning a spring wedding in April, in Ohio…you just never know what you will get. Such was the case for Toni and Pat’s wedding at Bryn Du Mansion in Granville. Having had planned an outdoors ceremony, the chill of what felt like winter changed plans. The day predicted snow and did it ever….it snowed off and on all day. Nothing that stuck, but it certainly made things interesting.
I have always loved working at this venue, there’s so  much to work with, both inside and out. An Historic location with so much charm.  I had the pleasure of meeting Toni and Pat here last fall with their families to photograph them on the grounds. It was a lot of fun working with their kids and getting to know them.
Pat giving his mom a hard time as she pinned the flowers on him….he’s a funny guy. I can see why Toni likes him, one of many reasons.
Toni looked beautiful. She wanted things to be simple and understated, but that being said, it was very elegant. It was a wonderful set up for their wedding.
Just to prove the snow, that photo with the bushes is overlooking the field in the front lawn of Bryn Du Mansion……there was white out conditions all day long off and on.
Not only were Toni and Pat being joined in marriage, but they were also combining their families together. These kiddos get on great together and you could tell they are all so excited for the big day. What a blessing.
These two couldn’t take their eye’s off one another. So eager to make it official.

Due to the cold conditions outside, we kept ourselves warm staying inside. But the mansion has such great lighting and wonderful space to work in.
2 become 7.
Pat and his son’s Nash, Graham and Harrison and Toni’s daughter’s, Addison and Micale.

Everything was so tastefully decorated. They had a wonderful dinner for their guests who came to their intimate wedding.
The table decor was very spring like and creative. The scent of the flowers smelled so good in the room.
It was touching to see Micale and Harrison give their toast’s to their mom and dad. They put their heart and some laughs into it and it touched Toni and Pat.

We sneaked out side for a brief minute to grab a shot and back in we went where it was warm. Too chilled for April.
Congratulations to this new family and to Toni and Pat. I really enjoyed myself on this wedding and was so glad to take part in it. Best wishes to you all!

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Cody and Alyssa

The day after I returned from my ventures in Vegas, I had a wedding in Stockport, Ohio to shoot. I knew it was going to be good.  I had photographed Alyssa’s mom’s wedding just a few year’s ago and they  had a lovely wedding in the deep country full of great visuals.  Upon arrival at the wedding, I was giddy to see the decorations. They did not disappoint one bit! It was charming.
The property was decorated inside and out with no details forgotten. The did a fine job. I think the guests enjoyed it just the same.
Alyssa seemed calm for the most part as she got ready for her big day……other than worrying about people seeing her in the window’s she was ready for this to happen. She had her bases covered from her own personal style of shoes, to a special ring as her something old, something blue.
Cody and the guy’s got ready next door. They were of high spirits. Much like Alyssa, Cody seemed ready without nerves. He was cool and calm.
The ceremony was performed in front of all their family and friends with a lot of laughter and sweet moments.
Cody and Alyssa’s son Luke shared a special moment during the ceremony.
A unique finish to their ceremony.
Now a family of 3.
On a side note, while the guest’s mingled in the reception area, I took Cody and Alyssa down by the lake to get some portraits. Because it was a bit of a walk we decided to take the golf cart down. I ended up having to drive the two of them and all my gear down this hill. To say I was nervous was an understatement……I don’t know what I was more nervous about, messing up their nice clothes on their wedding day or my camera gear. I think it was a tie on that one. But we made it in one piece thankfully, and didn’t end up in the pond. Getting back up the hill, well there are photos out there circulating how rough that was……it gave the guests a good laugh. I can laugh about it now. HA!
The location of the wedding was so far into the country….I loved it. It was so peaceful and quiet. I enjoyed my drive to the wedding, and seeing what was in store for the wedding was adding to my delight.
Details, details, details…I loved it! So well done!
The happy couple had their first dance as they started their reception. They had a wonderful BBQ dinner and yummy cupcakes to munch on. It was a wonderful evening.
Congratulations Cody and Alyssa, best wishes to you on your new adventures in life and love.

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Jason and Carrie’s Wedding Day

Jason and Carrie were the winners for the 2014 Free Wedding Photography contest. It was great getting to know them better since last February and listening to all their plans for their big day. After a fun spring engagement session, it was hard to believe their wedding day was finally here. They were joined in marriage in Sunbury United Methodist Church.
Jason got the finishing touches as he waited to see his bride for the first time.
On the other side of the church Carrie was helped into her wedding gown by her family and friends.
Jason’s mom watched as Carrie’s bridal party helps with her gown. It was a bitter sweet time for Carrie and Jason as they were not sure if his ailing mother would make it to the wedding. But she was a beam of light. She lit up at the sight of them both and took it all in. She was greeted with so many hugs and well wishes.
Jason and Carrie chose to have the First Look. Jason was eager with anticipation. I think it literally took his breath away the first glance he got of Carrie. Emotions ran high and he was comforted by his bride to be.
A fun bridal party group!89101112
The guests and bridal party made their way from the church to The Royal American Links Golf Club in Galena for the reception to follow.
Mr. and Mrs. Status upgraded!
The reception was decorated with accents of their wedding color’s and bit’s and piece’s of Carrie and Jason’s greatest loves and cherished memories.
It was a wonderful evening spent watching these two join their lives together and be part of their special day. Congratulations to you both!!
My condolences go out to Jason and Carrie on the passing of his mother Natalie this week. So thankful she was able to be there for you both.

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