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Destination Session: Australian Beach Beauties

We just returned from a trip to Australia and I had so much fun photographing my friend’s daughter’s an their friends on the beach one evening. Australian beaches hand’s down are the best.12

Claire is the second born daughter of my friend Sarah. She’s a spunky gal always making me smile.
Living near the Bass Strait, the beach offers breathtaking views for miles on end. These girls were giddy to have some fun. They were full of giggles. Bonding friendships I hope they will carry on through the year’s.
This image makes me want to flash forward about ten year’s and re-shoot this same image when they are in their early 20’s.
Grace and her friend Ella also took part in the session. Grace aspires to be a model and she certainly is on the right track. Ella is a quick study and putting these two together, model perfect.
Graces is the eldest daughter of my friend Sarah. The last time I saw her she was about 7 year’s old. She is changed so much in those seven year’s since I saw her last. It amazes me how much a child changes in such a short time. She is a beautiful young lady with mass appeal, charm, humor and a smile to blow your socks off. I can still see her as a little girl, but I love the woman she is becoming.
I got to spend some time getting to know Ella on this trip, an she was a delightful girl. She is excited to take her first trip this year to the states, so we talked a lot about that. She’ll make so many great memories on her trip. I’m excited for her.
The wind was working against me that day, but I pressed hard against it and made it work for me. Ella was radiant and patient as the winds blew around her.
These two have been friends for about six year’s now, the best of buddies. They were so much fun to photograph together. I enjoyed working with all the girl’s.  Thank you all for a lovely evening on the beach!

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Lauren and Jacob

In early March I met up with Lauren and her boyfriend Jacob on a beautiful spring like day. We’d planned on meeting at an earlier time, but cold and snow moved things around so having met on this day made up for the delay. The Hoover Mudflats served as their backdrop.
We enjoyed the long deck over the water’s, aside of the cob webs we would walk through, it was a nice.
These two were a lot of fun, an ease about them. They truly enjoy each other’s company and have a strong connection.
Being as I am short and both Lauren and Jacob are tall, I felt challenged, but it all works out in the end. Sometimes being short has it’s perks.
We took a little stroll into the wooded area where things were starting to green up. Spring was soon coming and in the air.
It was easy for Jacob and Lauren to loose themselves in each other’s gaze, share a laugh and connect with each other.
It was a fun afternoon with these two. Thanks again Jacob and Lauren, it was nice getting to know you both!

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Working with Connect 4 Humanity



Models: Erin H. and Colton R.

I had a super cool opportunity recently to work with Connect 4 Humanity. I happened to come across this awesome experience by chance and I am so glad I did. The event was a Medieval/Fairytale shoot held at Landolls Mohican Castle. ( http://landollsmohicancastle.com/) We got to work with 35 models, some from Sigal Models (https://sigalmodels.com/) and several hair and make up artists, and I got to work among 25 other creative photographers.


Model: Taylor D. Designer: Isolda


Model: Morgan D. Hair By: Haley Garber an Make Up By: Taya Halie


Model: Ally G. Hair and Make up by: Alayan Evans and Haley B. Gown by: The Alley Vintage and Costume.

1Model Erin H. Hair by: Haley Garber. 3
Model: Maddy S. Make up by: Jackriya T. Hair and attire styled by Maddy’s mom.
Model: Sha’ra S.
Model: Erin H.
My friends Paula and Tracey were gracious enough to bring their horses to use on the shoot, that was an added bonus. The models enjoyed working with Kali (above) and Shikan.
Model: Stella L.
Model: Madi E.
Model: Alexa G.
Model: Gillian G. Hair by: Alayna Evans. Styled by Gillian G.
Model: Gillian G. Hair By: Alayna Evans. Styled by Gillian G.
Model: Gillian G. Hair By: Alayna Evans. Styled by Gillian G.
Model: Jackriya T.
In addition to the horses, Rachel and Matt from Ironwood Wolves also was on hand to work with Cana and Logan. I’ve worked with both Logan and Cana in the past and it was so great to have another opportunity. Such beautiful animals. WWW.IRONWOODWOLVES.COM
Model: Morgan D. Hair by: Haley Garber. Make up by: Taya Halie.
Model: Madi E.
Model: Jackriya T.
I look forward to working with Connect4Humanity again. It was a great experience and I got to meet a lot of great people and have felt so inspired and driven since.
Model: Devon M.


I’d like to thank Elyse and Kelly for this amazing opportunity. They put in a lot of hard work getting this together and it turned out great. I’d also like to thank Paula and Tracey for coming out and spending the afternoon, letting us use their beautiful horses. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for this event. And thank you both for all you’ve done for me in the past!

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Just a few more months to go and Taylor will be celebrating his graduation with his classmates with a bright future ahead of himself. We took advantage of the beautiful spring like weather in the middle of February and I don’t think any of us minded. It was a beautiful afternoon with sunny skies and bright smiles. Taylor is a senior at Tri-Valley Schools.
We worked around the town of Dresden, with the backdrop of the former Longaberger University building. Known as the Old Union Schoolhouse, the building looks to be in great condition given it’s age, built in 1882.
Upon graduation, Taylor plans on attending Ohio University, majoring in business.
Taylor plays Soccer for Tri-Valley. We had planned on doing some photos on the field, but as it turned out the fence was locked and well let’s just say, I didn’t trust my ability at climbing a high fence with equipment. So we plan on doing those photos in the coming weeks when the season begins for the sport.
I don’t know what this building was, likely an old house, but I was immediately drawn to it.
Taylor is very laid back and a cool gent. He was a lot of fun to photograph.
Savor these last weeks of your high school life, it’s going to go fast! Thanks for a fun shoot and I look forward to those soccer shots!

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1Connor got to spend his first birthday celebrating at the fire station his dad works at.  2
He had just woken from a nap, so he was a little subdued and checking out his surroundings, but he perked right up in no time. Loving that lil eye brow he was giving me.
There’s that smile. Such a happy boy! Connor enjoyed being up in the truck, high above his Mommy and Daddy.
4Every boy’s dream to be in a fire truck no doubt. 56
Connor was happy to play with the hose, maybe even have a taste of it. He was a hoot for sure.
This tot is very cheeky, and ornery just the same. Just the way you want them!
He got big smiles when he saw his reflection on the truck.
He enjoyed all aspects of the station, dad even got him up on top of the truck. And yes, if you were wondering, dad is tucked in behind him. He wasn’t going anywhere!
A proud father and his son…Happy Birthday Connor!

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